Collaborative Divorce Accounting Services

Many families are touched by divorce and the emotional and financial toll attached with the process creates challenges for the whole family. If you and your family have found yourself in the midst of this challenging life event, collaborative divorce may be something you should consider. Collaborate divorce is a proven approach that enables divorcing couples to work together with professionals who work both independently with each party, and as a team to achieve a settlement that best meets the specific needs of both parties. This voluntary dispute resolution process empowers you to resolve your legal disputes without resorting to litigation in court, which most couples choose as the default option for the family. The process enables spouses to accomplish their divorce in a spirit of cooperation and mutual respect. Your professional collaborative team will consist of the attorneys for each party, a neutral mental health counselor, and a neutral CPA or other financial professional. Glickstein Laval Carris is a part of the Collaborative Family Law Group of Central Florida. Please visit The Collaborative Family Law Group of Central Florida for more information.

Key Reasons to Consider Collaborative Divorce:

  • Privacy – Information is only shared with the people directly involved in the case. In litigated divorce, all divorce files are public record and court appearances are open to the public.

  • Less Time & Money – The focus is on conflict resolution with direct communication between the parties and attorneys, making the process go smoother and faster. It also avoids the inherent delays of litigation and being at the mercy of the court calendar.

  • Less Emotion – A health counselor can assist the parties in managing stress, and enables each party to reach clear-headed rationally thought out decisions.

  • Better Results – Allows you to tailor the final agreements to what you and your spouse agree upon. In traditional litigated divorce, the court often makes the calls for you.

  • Better Relationships – The collaborative divorce process requires both parties to mutually respect each other throughout the process and thereafter to encourage minimal amounts of disruptions to family members, especially when children are involved.

Accounting Services

At Glickstein Laval Carris, we are fully trained professionals able to participate as an integral part of the team approach of collaborative divorce. Our firm is dedicated to helping divorcing couples arrive at financial solutions that focus on the best interest of each party. We strive to help clients become more knowledgeable about their financial data, so they can make decisions about where they are currently and how to plan for the future. Our goal is to create a financial resolution that works for everybody. As your financial professional we can provide the following services to analyze your individual financial situation:

  • Assist you in identifying your assets and liabilities.

  • Analyze how to equitably divide and distribute joint and separate property.

  • Evaluate and educate both spouses on the pre and post-tax implications of the settlement.

  • Tax planning and tax return preparation during separation and the year of the divorce.

If you are interested in the collaborative divorce process, and working toward a mutually agreeable financial settlement we are available to work alongside your attorney as your financial accountant. Please consider us joining your team of collaborative divorce professionals.

Collaborative Divocre Accounting Professionals

Contact Glickstein Laval Carris, P.A. today to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced collaborative divorce accountants to discuss your financial needs. Please call us today at 407-645-4775 or fill out the contact form on this page to send us a message.