Glickstein Laval Carris has a true understanding of the competitive world small businesses face. Each client has needs specific to their fiscal goals and we are here to help reach those goals. At GLC, we understand the need for careful and accurate analysis of every company and client we serve.
Auditing is the most sophisticated level of service that accountants can render. Certified Public Accountants are the only professionals permitted by state law to perform these services. Audits are mandated by governmental agencies for businesses in certain industries; other reasons for audited statements include provisions in bonding, franchise and stockholder agreements.

Glickstein Laval Carris, P.A. also specializes in Employee Benefit Plan Audits.

We are committed to providing our clients with clear, beneficial, and thorough tax advice. Our staff is knowledgeable in the latest changes in tax law to help you take every advantage possible while keeping you in compliance. For research and preparation we use major tax library services, and the latest state-of-the-art computer software, to plan and calculate the lowest taxes, and to help you make the wisest business decisions.

Management consulting is not a sideline at Glickstein Laval Carris, but a daily commitment to our clients. It is the cornerstone of Personal Partner Service.
No estate is too small for proper planning and we're not too big for personal services. The CPA is an important advisor and is a member of a team of professionals that includes attorneys, trust officers, investment advisors and chartered life underwriters. Glickstein Laval Carris can develop a strategy to conserve, increase, and ultimately assure that your estate planning goals are met. The result: minimal taxes and larger portion of your estate passing to heirs.
The growth of homeowner and condominium associations in the Central Florida area has been unprecedented. Glickstein Laval Carris provides annual compilations, reviews, and audit reports to meet State of Florida and association document requirements.

Why choose Glickstein Laval Carris, P.A. for your employee benefit plan audit? Our audit approach addresses the most common complaints indicated by companies. You can expect our audit team to demonstrate knowledge and professionalism.

Many families are touched by divorce and the emotional and financial toll attached with the process creates challenges for the whole family. If you and your family have found yourself in the midst of this challenging life event, collaborative divorce may be something you should consider. Collaborate divorce is a proven approach that enables divorcing couples to work together with professionals who work both independently with each party, and as a team to achieve a settlement that best meets the specific needs of both parties. This voluntary dispute resolution process empowers you to resolve your legal disputes without resorting to litigation in court, which most couples choose as the default option for the family. The process enables spouses to accomplish their divorce in a spirit of cooperation and mutual respect. Your professional collaborative team will consist of the attorneys for each party, a neutral mental health counselor, and a neutral CPA or other financial professional.

Why choose Glickstein Laval Carris, P.A. for your international tax needs? Our experienced International Tax Professionals manage all of your complex corporate and individual tax compliance needs, while maximizing your tax planning opportunities.

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